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Friendliest Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Welcome to BeBe's Critter Farm!

We are located in Sewickley, Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh. In 2016 we bought our first two goats from a farm that had over 150 goats. On the way home we laughed as we were wondering if they started out with just two. Well here we are seven years later with a herd of 21 goats and loving every minute of it.

All our goats are American Dairy Goat Association registered Nigerian Dwarf.

We are excited to announce Lionhead bunnies, our latest addition to our farm.

Personal love and attention are given to each and everyone of our baby goats from birth, which makes them the friendliest goats around.

Our goats are known for their friendly and affectionate nature, which makes them a great choice for families and individuals looking for a pet that is easy to care for and enjoyable to be around. These goats are highly social animals and enjoy being around humans, other goats, and even other household pets. They love to play and explore, and their playful antics can be highly entertaining.

The friendliness of our goats can also be attributed to their breeding history. Unlike other goat breeds primarily raised for meat or milk production, our Nigerian Dwarf Goats are bred for their friendly and personable nature. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are one of the most popular goat breeds for households and farms alike. With proper care and socialization, Nigerian Dwarf Goats can form deep bonds with their owners and provide years of joy and companionship.
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